Faculty & Staff

Please contact our faculty and staff with any questions and concerns (e-mails and phone extensions provided below).

Phone: 301-724-5360

Fax: 301-722-0555


Dr. Ray Kiddy 
Principal (x110)
Mrs. Jennifer Flinn
Dean of Students
Mr. James Zamagias Dean of High School Academics
Mrs. Kassie Kegg Dean of Elementary/Middle Academics (x117)
Mrs. Susan Cioni Director of Guidance (x109)


Job Title

Mrs. Kathleen Blados-Wolfe
Campus Minister/Religion

Mr. Michael Burkett Middle/High School Science
Mrs. Jill DiNola Pratt Program
Mr. Charles Falter Middle/High School Math and Physics
Mrs. Jessica Farris Elementary Teacher (5th Grade) Mrs. Farris' website
Mrs. Heather Fitzpatrick Elementary Teacher (Kindergarten)
Mrs. Jennifer Flinn Middle School Math, High School Computers
Mrs. Lynn Fritz Middle/High School Science
Mrs. Jennifer Goldsworthy Elementary Teacher (3rd Grade)
Ms. Angela Grimm Middle School Religion/Social Studies
Ms. Sara Glasbrenner Middle/High School Spanish
Mrs. Jennifer Hendershot High School English
Mr. Kevin HesseMiddle/High School Science
Sr. Kathleen Jancuk Middle/High School Religion, High School ESL
Mrs. Elizabeth KaylorMiddle/High School Math
Mrs. Kassie Kegg Elementary Teacher (2nd Grade) Mrs. Kegg's website
Mrs. Vanessa Kelly Lead Teacher, Jennifer Dunn Jones Early Childhood Center at St. Michael's
Mrs. Kelsey Kiddy Art
Mrs. Cathy Levitas Pratt Program
Dr. James Lyons Music
Mrs. Maureen McGann Elementary Teacher (4th Grade) Mrs. McGann's website
Mrs. Sherry Haberlein Physical Education & Computers
Ms. Connie Milligan Yearbook
Mrs. Heidi Witte-O’Donnell Kindergarten Assistant/Extended-Care Coordinator
Mr. Tony Orndoff Middle/High School Social Studies
Mrs. Stephanie Pratt Director of the Pratt Program (x218)
Mrs. Susan Raley Teaching Assistant, Jennifer Dunn Jones Early Childhood Center at St. Michael's
Mrs. Kara Squires PreKindergarten Assistant
Mrs. Sherry VanMeter Elementary Teacher (Prekindergarten)
Mr. Carl Watson High School Math
Mr. James Zamagias High School Social Studies
Mrs. Kathleen Zamagias Elementary Teacher (1st Grade)


Job Title
Mrs. Jeanna Cessna
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Erin Dale Administrative Assistant (x103)
Ms. Connie Milligan Director of Admissions and Communications (x105)
Mrs. Melissa Fisher Director of Finance (x106)
Mrs. Mitzi Giles School Nurse (x202)
Mrs. Debbie Hare FACE Office Coordinator (x211)
Mrs. Wendy Herker Development Director (x107)
Mr. Glenn Cross Major Gifts Officer
Mr. Carl Watson Athletic Director (x213)
Mr. Mike "Doc" Edwards Assistant Athletic Director (x213)
Mr. Bob Connell Maintenance (x112)