Color Run for Education

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Messages from sponsors:
Way to go Kyle, Karl and Colin!!!
RJ Hulver, good luck in the run! Uncle Mike and Aunt Amy
John P. Schmidt Have fun!!! We know you'll do great! Aunt Alison & Uncle Steve
Go, RJ Hulver!....Ms. Jane, Mr. Ron & Faith
way to go Sheridan good luck
For Cam and Cassie Hein. Good luck! - Phil and Kate
Kyle, Karl, and Colin: Have fun on color day.
Way to go Mia Freas!! Enjoy the color run!! Love, Aunt Alisa, Uncle Damean and the boys
Mia Freas... have fun on the run!!! We love you. Grandpa, Abu, and Will
Great job as always, showing your support! - Sheridan O'Donnell!! Love Ya! - Krista
Good luck Joshua and Cora from uncle Tony.
Sullivan Watkins, so proud of you for doing this!!
Good Luck Kyle, Karl & Colin!!!
We love BW! Happy running! - The DeMartino Family
Good luck to the entire fourth grade: Kanon, Pari, Carson, Reagan, Gage, Izzi, Jayla, Cora, Jackson, Adyson, Sutton, Karl, Sullivan, Marina, and Nick! Have fun while you run! Love, Mrs. McGann
Go Grayson! From your brothers Monty, Adam, and Aidan!!
Have a great time Cabryn and Lilly Farris doing the Color Run! - Love, Nanny and Pop
Good luck Gabby!! Have fun at the color run! Love, your cousins Thomas & Gavin
Have fun Kyle, Karl, and Colin!
Good Luck Gabby Corley! Debbie & Doug
Rianne Treadwell: have fun running with color!
For Gloria, Bobby, and Henry Nelson - Good luck!
John Schmidt -- have a great run, Love, Gram and Grampa Schmidt
Goodluck Nila Navarrete! Love, Ninang Maan H
Khushi Rathod: Mom n Dad loves you baby
Navya: love you baby girl. From: mom & dad
JJ Pacsuta, Have a great time running!! We love you and support you always! We love you, Aunt Jane, Uncle Danny, Nicolette & Mia
Go Izzy!! Love you, Nanny and Pap
Run hard Izzy!! We love you!! Mom, Dad & Reeve
Isabella Ayn Walker... Have a great time at the color run!! We know you will do GREAT! Love ya, Aunt Jeanie and John Dorner
Run like the wind Kyle, Karl and Colin!
Go Avery!
Good Luck Grayson! I'm very proud of you! Love, Nirvana
Gabby, Have a great run. Run like the wind!
Go Aidan and Liam Flinn!
Have fun running, Emma & Kate Kaylor!! Love, Babci & Dziadzi
Happy running Christian have fun!
Isabella Walker - Izzy, have fun! We love you! ~ Uncle Aaron & Aunt Nessa
Go Corwin & Deirdre!!!
Enzo and Arianna have a fun day and do your best! Love you so much! - Dad
Good Luck Lily and Charlotte! Have Fun! Love, Aunt Kate
Cam & Cassie Hein - The faster you run, the sooner you're done! Love you two! - Aunt Roo & Uncle Chase
Nila and Sam Navarrete, goodluck!
Kyle Vogtman, awesome run!!
Karl Vogtman, amazing run!
Colin Vogtman, great run!
Have fun, Madi and Claire!
Allison Jewell & Morgan Jewell, So proud of you girls. Big hugs, Aunt Susie & Uncle Dick
Michael & Carina We are proud of you running with your prayer buddies. Love, Mom & Dad
Dear Nila, Hope you had a great time at the color run! Blessings, Ninong Efren and Ninang Benil
Gwenyth Fitzpatrick - Great Job Gwenyth!
Jake, you're already a pop of color in our world! Hope you had fun on the run!! Love you - Mom & Dad
Good job Christian!! Love Nana & Papa

Make a donation here! 

Welcome to the Bishop Walsh Color Run for Education!  Formerly known as the Race For Education, this is a great opportunity for us to be active and raise funds that will go directly back to our teachers and their classrooms.  This is an important fundraiser for our school and we need your help to make this campaign a success!   Please help and encourage your child to help the school surpass our goal of $30,000.   Every dollar counts!

Rebecca Eanes and Joan Vogtman are up for the challenge of leading the Run again! You may reach either Color Run Coordinator at Color Run for Education will be under the Office of Development and Kim Kremer, Advancement Director (

The Color Run for Education is going to have a different look this year.  All students will be running laps on our track, but we've added a Color War component that is sure to be enjoyed by all the participants!

This event will kick-off with a Color Run shirt making prayer buddy activity. The students will wear these shirts for the Color War. The color powder is made from food grade materials. It is safe, nontoxic and washable!

Thank you for checking out our website, and thank you for supporting Bishop Walsh School!  

Please send any offline donations or correspondence to:

Color Run for Education
Bishop Walsh School
700 Bishop Walsh Road
Cumberland, Maryland 21502


When is the Run this year?

The Run this year is scheduled for Thursday, October 19th, with a rain date set for Thursday, October 26th. We apologize for the conflict with the school year calendar that was mailed earlier this summer.  Please make a note of the actual date!

What's new this year?

This year we have added a "Color War" component to race day.  

Why did you change the Race?

The Color Run was conceived to mix things up.  We are hoping by adding the color war, students and parents will have a new excitement about the fundraising event.

How messy is this going to get?

It has been determined that the powder washes out cleanly with one wash.  We cannot guarantee it will wash out of every fabric, however, particularly dry-clean items or shoes.  Your student will make a special shirt to wear for the day, but we encourage any other articles of clothing worn that day be fully washable.

Is the powder safe for kids with allergies?

The color powder is made from food grade materials.  It is considered non-toxic; the ingredients are corn starch and food grade dye.  We cannot guarantee that the corn starch was not processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts or peanuts.

Is there a way to donate online?

Bishop Walsh Color Run for Education is still online.  Check out our web page  Donations may be made by clicking on the "Donate" link above.

Can I donate offline?

Of course.  You can mail donations directly to the school at the address below or send it in with your child.

How can I spread the word?

Please share our webpage on social media.  Also, send out postcards to family members, friends, etc. who aren’t online (or even those who are online)!

Who do I contact with further questions?

Rebecca Eanes and Joan Vogtman are Color Run Coordinators.  You may reach either Color Run Coordinator at   Color Run for Education will be under the Office of Development and Kim Kremer, Advancement Director ( 

Please send any donations or correspondence to:

Color Run for Education, Bishop Walsh School, 700 Bishop Walsh Road, Cumberland, Maryland 21502, or